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A Brief Introduction to Bitcoin Sportsbooks

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Sports betting has been an inseparable part of the gambling world since the very beginning. There was never any lack of online sportsbooks, but the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies affected the industry a lot. The most progressive sports wagering sites started accepting Bitcoin and other altcoins along with fiat money, not willing to lose potential customers interested in multiplying their virtual money reserves. At the same time, many developers saw an opportunity to launch their own Bitcoin only sportsbook and seized it. This resulted in an unimaginable number of sites with similar design and often almost identical names, which confuses and scares newcomers.

How to Find the Best Bitcoin Sportsbook

It’s important to understand that, given the number of BTC sportsbooks, it’s practically impossible to name one that would be undoubtedly better than any other of its competitors. Nevertheless, there are certain sites that are constantly listed in the best online casino ratings, and we made sure to review a few of such ventures. And while there are many decent gambling sites on the rise, utilizing the blockchain technology to everyone’s advantage, it’s best to stick with those portals recognized as unmistakable leaders in sports betting if you are new to it.

Tips on Selecting the Best BTC Sportsbook for You

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Although we have already established that no sportsbook can be agreed on as the best one by everybody, the crucial idea is that you find one for yourself. Here are some points that will help you do

  • Country eligibility. Make sure that the residents of your country can freely access the site and enjoy all the services.
  • Sports catalog. Obviously, if you have a preference in a certain sports or league, a site which does not feature them cannot be the best one for you.
  • Anonymity. Despite accepting Bitcoin, some sites may require ID verification before letting gamblers withdraw their winnings. If this does not work for you, make sure you will not be asked to provide your ID.
  • Provability and Licensing. One of the major achievements of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the possibility to verify the fair pay. Surely, you’ll prefer a site that can prove it’s not cheating its customers.

Can a Bitcoin Only Sportsbook Be Trusted?

There is nothing wrong with an online casino only accepting one currency, which is Bitcoin in our case. This practice usually indicates smaller and younger sportsbooks that rely not on their years-long reputation, but on the use of Bitcoin and popularizing crypto money and blockchain. Nevertheless, there are some sports betting leading sites like Bitcasino.io that accept no other currency than Bitcoin. And although that is a serious drawback for some gamblers, others appreciate the bonuses and variety of betting options they get at this Bitcoin only sportsbook.

The Bottom Line

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So, you can now understand why it’s impossible to name a single top choice in the long list of the sports betting sites. That would vary for different gamblers with different expectations. Nevertheless, there are still some sportsbooks that many reviewers and gamblers agree on being the leading names in the industry. That narrows the search, and you may find our site very helpful in finding your favorite place to bet on sports.

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