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A Sure Way to Benefit from Bets on Sports

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Not everyone can be an expert in sports betting and feel confident in making correct predictions. Nevertheless, there is no reason to despair and think there is no way to benefit from all the options sportsbooks have to offer. One of the easiest and surest ways to earn money by placing wagers on sports does not actually require being a hardcore fan or doing a lot of research. It’s not even necessary to have extensive knowledge of the odds and bet types. Read on, and you will see that these are not some loud words but actually a working method.

No-Risk Matched Betting

The method we are about to share with you is called matched betting, or sometimes referred to as double betting. It’s considered free of any serious risks betting is usually associated with and is a safe way to earn money at sportsbooks.

The reason many gamblers prefer to get into sports betting using this method is that it allows winning money, traditional or cryptocurrencies, almost without making any investments. You might have to make a small deposit, but you are guaranteed to receive your money back unlike with other forms of betting. That is why they call it risk-free.

Matched betting is based on free bets promoted by the bookmakers as an incentive to make people sign up on their sports betting sites and start spending money. This also explains why sportsbooks do not try to prevent this method if it’s so simple and profitable. Obviously, they benefit from the betting activity, and letting gamblers win some money in such a way helps to keep them interested, and, hopefully, becoming more involved in other games and bets as well.

Placing Bets

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It’s easier to comprehend the way it all works once you learn the steps a bettor goes through.

You will have to place two bets, one of which will guarantee you your free bet, and the second one covers any possible losses. This process is called back and lay betting and is meant for the wagers to serve as a counterbalance for one another.

The key point is that the back bet is placed at a sportsbook providing free bets, while for placing the lay bet you will need to go to a betting exchange. This whole technique is possible because of the different ways in which these sites make their money. Bookmakers profit by offering less profitable odds, and a betting exchange has a more favorable ratio but charges a certain percentage of your winnings, usually from 1.5% to 5%.

So, you start with a qualifying bet on a team’s victory- and then place an opposite wager on the same team losing the game. After the match finishes, you will have a free bet which you should use in the same way, while also placing a lay bet as before. And then you will have your guaranteed profit!

A Few Tips on No-Risk Matched Betting

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What’s most appealing in this approach is that a bettor does not have to be very familiar with the sports he places a wager on. The trick is finding two bets with the closest odds. This can be achieved with the help of special software. Although it’s faster, it may cost some money which is no good for players at the very beginning of their matched sports betting career.

We suggest you looking for some upcoming major football events or horse races; those are the best to start with. Just examine the top sportsbooks, and look for similar odds at a betting exchange.

It’s possible to generate some decent profits with this betting method, but should you decide to try something different, we have it covered.

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