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Bustabit Casino Review


The blockchain technology gets more and more recognition as projects like Bustabit keep conquering the online gambling world. And though the top lines of almost any casino rating are still held by Fortune Jack, Bitcasino, Betcoin, BitStarz, or some other slot site, smaller bc casinos also receive great reviews. The Bustabit site only has one game and no bonus offers, but that has not stopped this crypto casino from getting loyal followers who enjoy this phenomenon often called the social gambling. In this Bustabit review, we will discover what makes this multiplayer game so appealing and whether this Bitcoin casino can be considered one of the best 2018 discoveries in the crypto world.

About Bustabit

The Bustabit casino is the project of the company MoneyPot SRL, which used to be the earlier title of the game. Bustabit is a verified operator and holds a Costa Rica license, so that should be enough proof against the suspicions of Bustabit scam. And being a provably fair game, it allows users to rely on their own knowledge of the blockchain algorithms to make sure everything is fair.

The Bustabit site has been running since 2014, and that must have brought its developers enough experience to make it look very stylish and modern despite having little artwork. Things are kept simple at this blockchain casino, and its minimalistic design works perfectly on mobile devices, which are the first choice for most users nowadays. In fact, there is no need for an Android or iOS app, as the game can be successfully played from the browser. The gambling site is available in two themes, dark and classic, and can be accessed worldwide.

Bustabit Games

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As we already mentioned at the beginning of this Bustabit review, you should not expect lots of slots and table games like roulette, bingo, poker, dice, blackjack, or lottery. This is not a slot site and not even a Bitcoin casino in its usual sense. Or, should we say, Bustabit is a true blockchain casino, only it does not have many crypto games.

So, Bustabit is a crash game with simple rules and aesthetics yet very compelling gameplay. Some reviews compare it to dice, but in Bustabit, you are not done after placing a wager. It’s a very active game in terms that you have to watch the multiplier rise from 1x in real time and try to cash out before the inevitable crash. This can happen at the very beginning or when the multiplier reaches 100x or even 1000x. As the stakes are growing, so does the suspense. And whoever cashes out the last before the bust gets the money pot. So, the players not only have to be lucky in their predictions but have to react fast.

The game can be observed even without having completed the Bustabit sign-up. You will see it the way registered players do, only the betting options will not be available. Besides the chart with the multiplier curve, which takes a small portion of the computer screen, there are other windows visible. You can see the chat where users get to discuss the game or even make cryptocurrency exchange deals, the bust history, and the table showing the users’ bets and profits.

So far, there have not been any mentions of adding other games on the Bustabit casino, and most players seem to be fine with that. Sure, it would make it easier for the gambling site to score a higher casino rating, but Bustabit has already proven that it is possible to rank high even with a single game.


Just like everything on this gambling site, the Bustabit sign-up procedure is very easy and requires minimum details. Thus, you will need to pick a username and a password (or you can stick with an auto-generated one). There is also an optional suggestion to provide an email address in case you ever need to recover your account. Finally, check the box confirming that you are 18 or older and agree with the terms of use, and finish the Bustabit sign-up.

The Leaderboard tab will display the most successful players, their profits, wagers, and the number of bets made. Despite such detailed information about the customers’ activity on the Bustabit site, only their usernames are shown, meaning that the players still remain anonymous.

Users also have access to the overall statistics showing the number of players, bets, as well as the amount of money in the bankroll and wagered over the time of Bustabit’s existence.

The comprehensive FAQ section once again shows a thoughtful approach to creating a crypto casino people would want to play at. In case it still fails to answer your question, send a message to the support email.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

There are hardly any Bustabit bonus offers available at the time, which may be hard to process for those used to the torrents of promotions and VIP programs on other bc casinos. However, they usually have a higher house edge than 1%, so that’s already something speaking in favor of the Bustabit casino. Besides, there is a money pot made up of 1% from every player’s earnings. This prize fund is distributed between those lucky winners who manage to cash out right before the bit is busted, the very last ones.

The closest thing to a Bustabit bonus program is an opportunity to become a part of the bankroll. Simply speaking, you contribute to increasing the crypto casino’s maximum bet limit and get to share the profits whenever there are any.

Scam, Privacy & Policy

Since the site is not as well-known as other bc casinos, there are not actually many Bustabit scam accusations. And the existing ones look really confusing. This is a licensed casino which has been deemed a verified operator by the Crypto Gambling Foundation. Besides, there are Bustabit threads on some international Bitcoin forums where you can get real opinions of the users about the platform. But most importantly, the blockchain casino we are reviewing provides all the necessary information to prove it’s not running any kind of Bustabit scam. There is hash history and a link leading to the thread explaining in details how verifying the game’s results can be done.

The users’ accounts are kept anonymous, and the latest software update helped to increase security to protect the data and transactions even better.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Being a Bitcoin casino, Bustabit currently only accepts Bitcoin. So if you were planning to deposit fiat money or some altcoins like Etherem, Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Bytecoin, visit the exchange site first. The transactions do not take a lot of time, and the winnings can be withdrawn to any Bitcoin wallet. Pay attention that withdrawals are subject to fees amounting to 100 bits per transaction.

The Bottom Line

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Although Bustabit cannot offer as many gambling options as even the smallest slot site out there and there are basically no Bustabit bonus offers, we see no reason not to grant it a high casino rating. It’s good at what it offers, and sites like this help raise awareness of the blockchain technology. Besides, the one game it has is provably fair and quite exciting. We would like to finish this Bustabit review by saying that it’s easy to start playing right away and is perfect for mobile devices. In this case, small size means that players do not have to spend much time exploring all the options and can start betting right after they sign up.

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