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Bitcoin lotteries

Whether you have acquired Bitcoin for some operations and would like to put it to good use or want to become the owner of some amount of this cryptocurrency, Bitcoin lotteries are a good place to go. There are, of course, many other ways to earn Bitcoin by gambling online. Nevertheless, not everyone can afford to spend time on learning all the rules and strategies indispensable to increasing one’s chances at winning at online casinos. The same goes for Bitcoin sportsbooks: despite spectacular odds and lots of opportunities to win incredible sums of crypto money by making a smart bet, one has to either earnestly enjoy the chosen sports or dispassionately analyze the tables and predictions from reliable experts. Obviously, Bitcoin lotteries seem like a much easier path.

Where to Play Lottery in the UK and the US

Although there is no lack of Bitcoin lotteries online, not all of them can be played, usually due to the legal restrictions in various countries. Other things to consider are the supported currencies and payment methods. Not just any UK lottery can fit your intentions, whatever praised and recognized it might be. For example, The National Lottery and Irish Lottery are very popular games, yet none of them is a Bitcoin lottery. Thus, they cannot satisfy those gamblers who are looking specifically for this cryptocurrency to be used.

It may not be a bad idea to look for the top-reviewed gambling sites instead of the most popular lotteries. Many of them received their status for offering a variety of games, which means the odds of finding crypto keno or bitcoin bingo games in its catalog are rather high. Otherwise, you may find such awesome sites as Mecca Bingo, Sky Bingo, and Sun Bingo, which can satisfy any Bingo enthusiasts’ needs except for having jackpots in Bitcoin.

On the other hand, you may come to like the titles these specialized sites offer and win a large sum of money playing there. Then, nothing’s stopping you from spending a part of your prize on buying Bitcoin and playing elsewhere, so that you can make your crypto stash swell. Here are some suggestions of the highly acclaimed gambling sites with Bitcoin lotteries: Betcoin, Cloudbet, FortuneJack, mBit Casino, 1xBit.

As for the US players, they need to check whether Bitcoin transactions and online gambling are deemed legal in their state. Although crypto transactions allow the money senders and recipients to remain anonymous, it’s best not to tamper with the law. Besides, following the cancellation of PASPA, the states received the right to regulate sports betting, and Delaware Sports Lottery was launched soon after. This is probably one of the first steps towards legalizing and regulating other gambling activities, including Bitcoin lotteries.

Tips on Choosing Bitcoin Lotteries

Now that you know a few places to look for Bitcoin lotto, let’s concentrate on some basic tips to keep in mind.

If you are not very familiar with the way blockchain works, check whether the site has any licenses issued by trustworthy examination companies. State-franchised lotteries are a good sign that you won’t be cheated.

Another way to determine a site’s reliability is by checking reviews. On our site, you can find a Betcoin, FortuneJack, The National Lottery, Jackpotjoy review, as well as many others where we try to cover the essential stuff. However, you have to be very cautious when reading reviews elsewhere as companies tend to get paid reviews that either praise them or bash their opponents.

Besides, even the best lotteries can have a lot of negative feedback. This is due to the disappointed players claiming that a certain lottery is a scam only because they’ve never won anything significant. Well, this is something one has to be ready for, that’s what “lottery” means. Millions of people pay money so that one person can win millions.

Hence, being able to verify the site’s honesty in games and transactions would be a much better thing, so look for Bitcoin lotteries utilizing the provably fair principle. Otherwise, if you happen to lose money at an online casino you’re kind of not supposed to be betting at legally, there will be no one to complain about it to.

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