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Nowadays all of us observe the steady rising of digital currency marketcap with the growth of its popularity both among fintech pros and common people. The altcoins are rapidly evolving into one of the most attractive investment opportunities for cryptocurrency investors looking for fruitful chance to make significant profits through their investment strategies. Although it is true that most widely used digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are still and all dominating the market, altcoins are experiencing meteoric rise.

Well, cryptocurrency market capitalization is growing, that means it leads to the appearance of brand new trading and exchange services that constantly compete for customers. Each and every project of such a kind aims to take its place in the sun either focusing on safety and security aspects of work or trying to attract users with delicious pieces of innovations with a chance for access to a great variety of digital currencies.

Ever saw an ocean of ads with digital currency exchange services but still hesitating to choose the best and the most reliable? Let’s dive into this exciting world together!

This very review is dedicated solely to Coinexchange.io project, which boasts of zillion advantages allowed it to earn a reputation of a reliable and convenient trading platform in an approximately short window of time.


The company was founded in 2016, so we can consider them relatively young in this industry and very promising. The developers’ team decided to include not necessarily the most famous digital currencies in the trading assortment. The main emphasis is on altcoins, trading with which brings a greater profit for traders, as well as the opportunity to be realized as a start-up to companies that have the intentions to enter the ICO with promising projects. The total number of tokens on the site exceeds 300 and continues to grow.

The portal normally provides exchange services for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Comparing to other similar services, the Coinexchange.io exchange does not welcome fiat money from whatsoever real money payment options. Considering all aforesaid, the exchange concentrates solely on crypto-exchange being absolutely excellent for those wanting to exchange their current BTC for altcoins or conversely. If the users reading this were digging for an exchange wherein they can convert their dollars to digital currencies, then this is not the right place.

When opening the site, we see that the interface is pretty understandable, easy and convenient. The newcomers don’t have to be technical nerds to explore the top-notch services without difficulties. Surfing the site, we see that it is filled with initial priorities and goals, which are really inspiring.


Creating Coinexchange.io account is a typical process that doesn’t take a lot of time. To begin registration process, the newcomers need to click the “Registration” button, which is situated in the upper right corner of the site. After clicking it, the users will see the window where the personal data should be typed.

After filling all the data down, the users will obligatory receive an email with a confirmation link. Clicking this link, the users will reach the site where they are offered either to replenish the deposit or set up account security.

After Coinexchange.io login, the newcomers will have access to their personal profile, where such sections can be found: markets, fees, support, and my account (in which you’ll find all the functions for deposit and withdrawal, as well as additional settings).

Trading with the Coinexchange.io

Perhaps, it is the most interesting part of the review and the site itself. First of all, it is important to mention all the currencies available to work with in here: BTC, DOGE, ETH, ETC, and LTC, and an ocean of altcoins as well! Browsing the tabs of the service, it is possible to make a selection typing the coin name, the latest price possible and other functions.

Considering the enormous number of instruments for trading and the fact that not all tokens are traded being paired up with major cryptocurrencies, the common market at Coinexchange.io is divided into active markets, where each coin is opposed by tokens.

To start speculation, you must first choose the type of market and instrument for trading, to study the market situation as well.

For each asset, the sufficiently detailed information is presented to conduct a competitive analysis and decide on whether to enter the transaction. Under the schedule and key information, tools for creating orders and a glass of prices from already placed on the market are realized. Orders can be market and deferred, depending on what price is specified as the target.

Deposit and withdrawal

The great news is that deposits at Coinexchange.io are made completely for free. Unfortunately, this story does not cover the withdrawals. In order to buy bitcoin Coinexchange.io offers to study the related information to withdraw carefully. The withdrawals normally undergo certain confirmations and here the portal has interest, it charges a fee per request. Speaking about bitcoin, here the withdrawal fee is about 0.00150000, where usually two confirmations needed. Comparing to it, Litecoin requires a fee in the amount of 0.01000000 and 50 confirmations needed. As for Dash, it always charges 0.01000000 with twenty confirmations.

Customer Support

When it comes to personal funds, it is always important to have 24/7 possibility to contact Coinexchange.io support center in case some problems or difficulties appear. Observing the work of portal, we have found it has the system of tickets, so the customers have to fill in the form and wait till the support team contacts back.

But if the request is not a specific one, the newcomers and experienced visitors have a possibility to open FAQ’s tab in order to examine the subject of their need. The FAQ’s tab normally contains most of the answers for users’ convenience.

The Bottom Line

The only point that’s not so excited about this portal is a lack of information. There is no material on the establishment by which the portal is operated. This shadow breeds the suspicion about their safety and security while staying on the portal. In our opinion, when it comes to safety on such kind of services, one must study where the license is issued and other organizational moments related to proving the company being official establishment. The next disadvantage is that the fiat currencies are not supported here.

But, there are also fruitful cherries on the pie! The cryptocurrency investors will appreciate the fact that there are zillions of top digital coins and altcoins. Everyone can make fruitful profits on this portal! Finally, the trading is totally anonymous which is a good point to keep in mind!

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