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Cryptogames Review & Rating

Cryptogames Review & Rating

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Gas, Stratis, Peercoin

7Games: Blackjack, Dice, Roulette, Slot, Plinko, Video Poker, Lottery
Features: play money (PLAY), lottery, blog, multi-currency, mobile-friendly, no-registration gambling, jackpot, provably fair, RainBot
Withdrawal & Fees: a minimum of 0.0001 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.01 LTC, 100 DOGE, 0.01 XMR, 0.001 BCH, 0.01 DSH, 0.1 PPC, 0.05 STRAT, 0.02 GAS for deposits a minimum of 0.002 BTC or altcoin equivalent for withdrawals 0% fee


Ever wanted to try your fortune but didn’t know where to start or simply hesitated? Well, we perfectly understand you. Indeed, nowadays it is difficult to find a truly respectable resource to win big money and not fail or give up even on thoughts of trying something else. On the Internet, there are so many reviews and feedbacks with a negative experience of players. At the same time, these are intentions to dwell on a wonderful resource that you will appreciate.

The current review is about Crypto-Games.net – an online gambling service offering several astonishing games, which aim to provide their users with the safe and provably fair gaming experience.


CryptoGames Casino began its activity in 2014. It is operated by a group of like-minded fellows from IT industry.

The very first games were developed specially for Dogecoin. After that, the developers decided to increase the number of services offered. It was designed in order to help online gamesmen to go for the gloves and bet using digital currencies. The portal contains various cryptocurrencies that make the gambling process easier and much more convenient. Looking through statistics with other data, it seems that the games were played about a zillion of times here. It’s a pretty easy-to-use resource. Inasmuch as the developers are in tune with the times, they continually improve the services.

When surfing around the site, you will notice that the page with the main menu contains all important and juicy functions. Under the games, you can see the icons with the proposed cryptocurrencies.

To catch the winning spirit and even win big, do not hesitate to dive into the thick of things with us.


There are only seven main games. But this is more an advantage than a disadvantage. After all, these are time-tested games, already beloved and so well-known among many experienced players. And the newcomers will definitely appreciate them.

Starting its thorny path with a single Dice and then adding Slot functions, Crypto-Games.net Casino quickly replenishes its magic bottle with other games.

Today, this potentially leading online gambling portal offers Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, and Lotto. To start playing, the newcomer has to click on the game in order to select it, then choose the cryptocurrency he or she will use for playing. After the clicks, the user will be transferred to his account. It is tremendous spring up, isn’t it?

Besides, the service is mobile -friendly. Never mind, if you are on the go, you can easily download favorite crypto games on your mobile or tablet. The developers have made it so that the casino easily adapts to the characteristics of your gadget, compresses the picture to the desired size of your screen and works smoothly.

Every game has an astonishing house edge. To wholly enjoy them the punters can join and try all the benefits themselves!


The Crypto-Games.net Crypto Casino offers its gamesmen safe, anonymous staying and provably fair gaming experience. Perhaps, one of the best things is that the Crypto-Games.net sign-up process is not required at all. If a player doesn’t want, he or she is allowed to skip over the registration wall as easy as skipping over dozens of rain puddles when being a cheerful child. Thanks to its transparency and honesty as well as a great variety of cryptocurrencies to use, this resource is a decent candidate to be on top among the best brands competition and it still continues to be one of the best in 2018.

The portal also gives an opportunity to invest. The existing investment program shares its 70 percent profit with investors. Go for it!

Bonuses, Offers and Promotions

Zowie! Bonuses and Offers became another single issue to discuss due to their juiciness! This is one more item making this Casino to be above its competitors. Pitifully, not all the casinos can boast of great bonus program and they actually do not have such. The Crypto-Games.net Casino allows getting money for new players every three minutes. That is definitely more than other casinos can imagine. The faucet depends on how long and how often the gambler plays, the amount goes between 1000 and a whopping 20,500 Satoshis. It’s certainly worth stopping by and playing there.

Of course, there are several other ways to get delicious cherry pie. Everyone who wants can participate in the contest that takes place every month at midnight. The prize pool is fascinating: for a 1st place each will get 0.5 BTC, for a 2nd place each will get 0.2 BTC and for 3rd place, a player will get 0.1 BTC – and 4,500 lottery tickets on bitcoin as well, with 1,500 Dogecoin lottery tickets and 1,500 Ethereum lottery tickets.

Moreover, there is a delightful affiliate program. If a participant invites friends to play at Crypto-Games.net, he/she can get a nice referral reward in the amount of 25 percent of house edge. One more cool stuff is getting cryptocurrency tips from other gamblers. The scheme is extremely clear. When exchanging the experience and helping each other, people give tips in return.

Privacy Policy and Scam Protection

As soon as we know that Casino is a brainchild of such beautiful minds, we understand that developers take the process of security and protection seriously because they unfeignedly realize the necessity of being safe, particularly when money is involved in the process. As we have told earlier, you don’t have to undergo registration, but if you really want, you can submit two-factor authentication which works with Google.

In order to protect the deposited funds, the gamblers need to use cold wallets. For the daily needed transaction, the hot wallet works better but it must have enough funds to make operations.

Actually, there are no exact notifications both on license and regulations. In their terms and conditions, casino team kindly warns that every step in here is made only at the risk of users. The players must attentively analyze the restrictions on the list of countries. In addition, remember about responsible gambling, do not participate in the casino processes if your country is restricted.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Crypto-Games.net Casino offers 11 different digital currencies to play with. Each and every digital currency contains its own minimum deposit. For instance, Bitcoin 0.00001, Ethereum 0.005, Dash 0.01, Dogecoin 100, Litecoin 0.01, Monero 0.01, Peercoin 0.1 and Gridcoin 6. In order to complete a deposit, it is required to click on ‘Deposit’ on your Account menu. It is obligatorily required to use the address the gambler provided to make a deposit. However, these addresses can change so the gamesmen should be careful each time they are going to make a deposit.

Each digital currency has its own time for deposit and withdrawal as well:

For Bitcoin, it is 10 minutes for the deposit (includes 1 confirmation) with 60 minutes for withdrawal.

For Litecoin, it is about 3 minutes for the deposit (includes 1 confirmation) with 15 minutes for withdrawal.

For Dogecoin, it is 1 minute for the deposit (includes 1 confirmation) with 6 minutes for withdrawal.

As for the rest, the digital currencies have the same time periods as Dogecoin.

It is worth noting that punters always get precisely what was their account composed of since Crypto-Games.net Casino covers the fees. This is a distinctive feature that is hardly found elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

The developers’ team does a wonderful job keeping the things simple and understandable for ordinary people. The rock-solid advantages are: well-known and beloved games, no sign-up process needed, the deposit and withdrawal time for each currency is defined, and the best is that interface is intuitive. All these factors allow newcomers to start their new and great experience that may lead to success. What’s more, the skilled gamblers do not leave this portal due to its reliable features. The options of cryptocurrencies and their exchange are very convenient. Obviously, this is the most open-handed, loyal and even soulful source in the online gambling world. Without any doubt, the source is one of the top bitcoin casinos! Go for it. Maybe you are the next one who wins big?

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