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Deep Dive with CryptominingFarm Review 2019

How Not to Wallow in CryptominingFarm Pools

CryptominingFarm Cloud Mining: Another Scam or Time-Proven Spot?

As stated on their About Us page, CryptominingFarm is a virtual mining company that gives its following a chance to test the waters with cloud mining in the generous CryptominingFarm pools. In other words, the company stocks up its customers with Virtual Mining Contracts, which are sure to bring their owners long-anticipated returns.

Although the CryptominingFarm cloud mining facilities cannot boast a bajillion of coins, some of their features might strike users’ interest. The first thing we need to depict in this CryptominingFarm cloud mining review is guaranteed daily income. Once you are registered, the system will present you with 50 GHS hashpower of your future lifetime contract.

CryptominingFarm was launched in September 2014, making Virtual Mining Contracts open to the public. Officially, the company is headquartered in Thailand and registered at its official authority, at least, the website says so. Is CryptominingFarm legit? Well, the information we have about Lifetime Technology can be found on the company’s Facebook page. Except for the address and phone number, the Facebook page dedicated to CryptominingFarm outlines that the company was founded in November 2008. How come there was no blockchain activity until 2014? Is that a sign of CryptominingFarm scam? Not necessarily, we must say. Perhaps, the creators needed more time to launch their product successfully. Anyway, the official domain of the company is www.lifetime-technology.com. It communicates us some of its core products’ information, along with data centers and telecommunication infrastructure.

Coins and Algorithms Supported at CryptominingFarm

Unfortunately, there’s not much on offer here. At the moment of writing this CryptominingFarm review, the platform supported Bitcoin cloud mining only with the backing of SHA256.

Services Offered

CryptominingFarm cloud mining revolves around furnishing its customers with revenue-generating investment opportunities. Virtual mining hashrates stand for the website’s GHS rates. When creating this CryptominingFarm review, we’ve stumbled upon a certain fact you might find bizarre. It is listed in the light of day that the company owns no real Bitcoin ASIC hardware. Furthermore, the concept of GHS itself is sketchy, as we find no explanation of it on the website. We also have troubles stating if CryptominingFarm operates based on a private blockchain or not, and the way it is connected to BTC. On the website, GHS is referred to as a measurement unit. From this point of view, the answer to a simple question – Is CryptominingFarm safe? – seems to be ambivalent.


  • 50 GHS free sign-up bonus
  • No CryptominingFarm pools fees
  • No difficulty increase
  • Profit calculator
  • 15% affiliate reward

Except for the ones listed above, the CryptominingFarm cloud mining system incorporates some other exceptional functions. For instance, you are guaranteed to receive a fixed reward of 0.0009USDT/1GHS a day, and this number is going to rise to 5% in the next 15 years. Moreover, the site creators claim that mining crypto coins are a reliable source of passive income.

Thanks to this CryptominingFarm cloud mining review, you already know that this “mine” offers their clients to sign up for a free 30-day trial. During this timeframe, you are allowed to mine without any investment, but once the timer runs out, you are supposed to purchase at least 20 GHS. If you are not thrilled to purchase the minimum cloud mining power, make sure to cancel your account before the end of your approbation period.

On the flip side, you are free to select a subscription plan that lasts from 3 months to 15 years. CryptominingFarm developers promise their investors a fleeting ROI increase – up to 130% within three months. Moreover, you can get an individual mining contract that lasts a lifetime. As soon as you register on the platform, you will score a whopping 50 GHS. The purpose of giving people free hashrate is the necessity to explain that one can benefit from cloud mining regardless of the external factors.

For those who prefer to share everything with friends, we’ve dedicated a whole paragraph of the given CryptominingFarm cloud mining review. Spread the word about this service and leverage your reward! If your pals buy from 10 to 1,000 GHS, you will be allocated 15% of what they purchase. In case people you brought purchase more than 1,000 of hashpower, you can expect a higher yield. CryptominingFarm.io allows purchasing GHS with Bitcoins or UNITCOINS.

Pricing & Packages

To figure out the most suitable subscription package, you may use the inbuilt profit calculator. This mining service offers numerous plans, starting with 3-months plan and finishing with lifetime contracts. The detailed scheme is available below:

  • 3 Months Mining
  • 6 Months Mining
  • 1 Year Mining
  • 3 Years Mining
  • 15 Years Mining
  • Lifetime Mining

The platform ensures its users receive daily profits in Bitcoin, which is 0.9 USDT/1000 GHS. Your reward will be higher when the price decreases, and if the price increases, your premium will be lower. As to pricing, it varies from $0 (if you take the welcome bonus of 50 GHS) up to $500 per plan. If you spend more on cloud mining today, your contract will last longer, and more hashrate will be given to you. All in all, there’s no information concerning minimum or maximum amount one can deposit and withdraw, so make sure to register not to miss any details.

User Experience with CryptominingFarm

The website is a creation of professionals; that’s why the navigation is so simple. The platform is available in 4 languages – Thai, English, Chinese, and Russian. Watch out, as there’s not much about the services or platform itself; then CryptominingFarm review comes in handy. Without taking it into account, it is still effortless to start. Anyway, we should warn you – the website Terms say the account can be disconnected in case of suspicious activity. Therefore, keep an eye on your account from time to time.


  • Generous welcome bonus of 50 GHS
  • 15% referral reward
  • Unlimited lifetime contracts


  • High risk of CloudminingFarm scam
  • No Bitcoin mining hardware, only virtual mining
  • Little to no company details

The Bottom Line

If you seek to try your hand in cryptocurrency extraction, CryptominingFarm.io may be a good call. The company holders promise a massive ROI boost within the first three months – up to 130%. Besides that, you will be rewarded for every new user you bring: if they purchase between 10 and 1,000 GHS, you will receive 15% of the number bought. However, mining with this platform is not all roses. There is no regular Bitcoin mining, and users purchase virtual mining facilities. To top it up, some users are already complaining about the payouts they never received. Whether you keep wondering, “Is CryptominingFarm legit?” or “Is CryptominingFarm safe?” it is vital that you make your own conclusion.

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