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Earn While Watching Your Favorite Games

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Since many of you are probably football fans, you might consider combining your passion and sports betting to earn some cash. It’s not going to be easy money because you have to be aware of the current situation and expectations from an upcoming game. And even if you already follow the National Football League events very closely, it will take time to get accustomed with all them. But fear not, we’re here to help you.

A Few Useful NFL Betting Tips

Before we get into details, let’s list some basic tips you need to know for successful sports betting and NFL in particular. Some of them may be obvious, while others are not so much.

Check the power rankings to establish how well a team does compare to the rest. Pay attention to the dynamics of the teams’ positions on the list.

Keep track of the injuries info, which is regularly updated. Surely, you will think twice before betting on a player who has not fully recovered from some previous game.

Analyze the past encounters of the two teams. You may see certain consistent patterns and how well these teams perform against each other. A team might be doing better when playing at home, so that is a useful discovery to keep in mind.

Basic Types of Bets

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NFL sports betting offers various wagering options so that you should not only be able to pick the ones you prefer the most but gain in many ways. Let’s have a look at the most common bets.

  • Spread betting is the most popular approach to NFL bets. Rather than just choosing a winner (which is obvious most often than not) with money line betting, a point spread is used for a more balanced betting.
  • Over/under betting requires guessing the combined score of both teams at the end of the game. A certain number is chosen by the bookmaker, and you can then bet whether the actual number will be higher or lower than that.
  • Prop betting involves wagering on various stuff that may often have nothing to do with the actual game itself. The list of prop wagers can be tiresomely long but very fun to read. Besides the usual bets based on a team statistics or a specific player’s performance, there are often more exotic options, for example, what song will be played in the halftime, who the MVP will thank first in his speech, whether the broadcast team will mention certain names or words and so on.

Understanding NFL Betting Lines

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Here is an example of an NFL line, something you will see a lot if you get into this type of sports betting:

New England Patriots -2.5 -129 56.5
Los Angeles Rams +2.5 +117 56.5

It sure seems confusing, so here is what those numbers in each line mean.

First comes the point spread. In our case, the Patriots are a favorite, so for a successful bet, they need to win by 3 or more points. Should you wager on the Rams, this game’s underdog, they will either have to win or lose by 2 points or less. A half point in spread betting is meant to eliminate pushes.

Then the money line comes. Sportsbooks use $100 as a default here to demonstrate the amount of money you can win with this bet. So, you would need to wager $129 for every hundred you plan to win if you think the Patriots are going to triumph, and if you bet your $100 on the Rams, your prize will be $117.

Finally, there is a total, which we have already covered with over/under bets.

Those are the very basic things you need to know for getting into NFL sports betting. Most of the best sportsbooks will have detailed guides and blogs with updates and relevant materials. Do not disregard them, and you will find yourself consistently earning money from your favorite sports soon enough.

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