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Edgeless Review

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Here is the Edgeless review, introducing a very curious gambling platform that may not make it to the top of some casino rating, yet deserves close attention. It has all the potential to compete with the likes of Betcoin, Bitcasino, Fortune Jack, BitStarz, and other crypto casino giants. For now, it’s still a small gambling site that cannot boast having hundreds of crypto games. It does not even have a VIP program or some special offers, but it also does not have a house edge! And that is where very few bc casinos can say the same. In rare cases, the house edge is only 1%, but more often it’s higher and reaches up to 5%. Another advantage of the Edgeless site is the maximum transparency, making it a very attractive alternative to some other slot site you had in mind.


The Edgeless site was launched only in 2018, and the number of people who know about it is slowly increasing. The fact that it heavily utilizes smart contracts shows a fresh approach to online gambling. Cryptocurrency has been used at bc casinos for a few years now, but in most cases, you will see what used to be a regular slot site start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Edgeless is, however, a 100% Ethereum blockchain casino from the start. That means absolute transparency and fast transactions. The sad part is that this crypto casino does not accept Dogecoin, Bytecoin, Litecoin, and other altcoins, but there are plans to extend the list of supported currencies in the future.

We should also warn those readers of this Edgeless review who reside in the UK, the United States, France, Singapore, Turkey, and the Netherlands, as they will not be able to access this gambling site. The most curious about this new blockchain casino may try using certain tools to change their IP address, but this should be done at their own risk.


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Since Edgeless is not a regular Bitcoin casino you may be used to, the games catalog will probably fail to impress anyone. The total amount of games at the time of writing this Edgeless review is five. The games are Dice, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, and Crash. While there is no need to explain the first three classic games, the last one does seem to need a brief description.

Crash is an online multiplayer game that can be simultaneously played literally by everyone who has completed the Edgeless sign-up. Players make their bets and watch the multiplier curve rise higher and higher on a simple chart. The point is to cash out before the crash which can happen at any moment. Despite the simplicity of the game and the absence of artistic design, the adrenaline rush lovers will most likely enjoy Crash a lot.

We may have to clarify that the word ‘Slots’ does not stand for multiple games. This is the name of the game, not the category. You should also not expect gameplay and design like the ones found in the titles created by Amatic, Ezugi, NetEnt, Playtech, Novomatic, iSoftBet, or other renowned software developers. This is the simplest version of a slots machine, but some players may actually prefer it to colorful and loud games presented at an average Bitcoin casino.

Another great thing about the Edgeless casino is that the games, except for Crash, can be played in a demo mode. It is also possible to play with Manual or Autobetting settings. And while you cannot test the multiplayer game without betting real money, you can still watch the process and the rounds’ results.


Once the demo mode convinces you to try and play for real, click on the Edgeless sign-up button. The process is not time-consuming at all, and you will even be offered an auto-generated username. Should you decide to go with it instead of feeling confused when the one you come up with turns out to be already taken, enter your email and password to finish the Edgeless sign-up process.

Unlike some more established Bitcoin casino, this gambling site does not have an Android or iOS app yet. Fortunately, its simplistic and pretty modern design allows it to run on mobile devices without a hitch. That scores Edgeless some additional points in its casino rating.

Because there are not many things on the Edgeless site, getting around is very easy. And it’s also due to a well-executed layout. Nevertheless, you may require help or clarification of some moments. There is no live chat with a support officer, but you can write an email which will be answered as soon as possible. You can also try to get more immediate help in the user’s chat.

There are social media pages and a blog with some useful materials, important updates, and interviews with the team behind this groundbreaking blockchain casino.

Bonuses and Promotions

As of now, there is no such thing as Edgeless bonus program. Despite the growing interest, the company is still pretty small and is gradually introducing new games and features. It’s safe to suggest that at some point players can expect Edgeless bonus offers. At the moment, though, the main attractions are transparency and a 0% house edge, letting players get all of their winnings without sharing with anyone else.

Scam and Privacy

When hearing about such an unusual thing for bc casinos as a zero house edge, some people may consider Edgeless scam. That would be a hasty and unreasonable judgment. It’s very difficult for a new crypto casino to get any recognition, so that’s no wonder that in the absence of any Edgeless bonus offers the team decided to make the site attractive in such a way.

As for the Edgeless scam, such claims sound ridiculous, considering that the site was created specifically to promote the use of the blockchain technology in online gambling. The games are Ethereum smart contracts in their nature, and all algorithms and conditions are open for anyone willing to check them for any proof of foul play.

Finally, Edgeless is a licensed casino, although that actually seems unnecessary for a site that has provably fair games which allow anyone to check the fairness of the outcomes. Nevertheless, it seems the creators wanted to cover all grounds and prevent any accusations of the Edgeless scam operations.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Currently, only EDG tokens are accepted for betting. They can be received by making a deposit in Bitcoin or Ethereum. The minimum betting amount on the site is 0.01 EDG, although it may be higher for some games. To withdraw the winnings, a player should have at least 2 EDG on his account balance. There are no fees applied for withdrawal operations, and the winnings can also be exchanged for fiat money.

The Bottom Line

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If the number of games that is lower than at any random slot site does not bother you, then the Edgeless casino may be a good option for you. Quality-wise, the games are exciting enough, and a zero house edge together with zero transactions fees make this platform even more attractive. Sure, it has no chances of heading any casino rating and outmaneuvering the industry leaders, but the potential is there. If the Edgeless casino keeps putting transparency and fairness of the games before anything else while expanding the catalog and introducing some bonuses and promotions, it has every chance to dominate the crypto gambling world one day.

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