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Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating

Ethereum Sweepstakes Review & Rating

SWEEP (Ethereum Sweepstakes)

1Games: Lottery
Features: group SWEEP Token, jackpot, prize money, multiple-languages
Withdrawal & Fees: gas charges, a purchase limit of 10 SWEEP Tokens per transaction

Ethereum Sweepstakes casino review

With a very glossy exterior, tasteful branding and clean delivery, in 2018, Ethereum Sweepstakes is making a stylish attempt to bring lottery sweepstakes into the modern age through the application of state of the art technology.

Ethereum Sweepstakes has introduced the very first lottery sweepstakes that operates entirely on the ethereum blockchain. Not only does it offer this cutting edge, it also purports to hold the biggest single stand alone jackpot ever seen in a lottery sweepstakes, as well as claiming to provide the best odds at a win and the greatest amount of prizes for participants.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum Sweepstakes casino btc gambling

Widely touted as the potential ‘Web 3.0’, ethereum can most closely be compared to a word-wide, decentralized supercomputer. If bitcoin could be considered ‘digital gold’, then by this analogy, ethereum would be ‘digital oil’. Whereas bitcoin is strictly a virtual currency in the form of code, ethereum, or ether also incorporates useful data or ‘smart contracts’ that have multiple uses and applications. These smart contracts are 100% transparent and can be viewed and verified by anyone on the ethereum blockchain.

About Ethereum Sweepstakes

One such smart contract is Ethereum Sweepstakes. Wholly created and operated on the ethereum blockchain, its function is very straight forward. To participate, you first of all send ethereum tokens (ether) to the Ethereum Sweepstakes smart contract, and in return are given a SWEEP token. A SWEEP token is basically a virtual lottery ticket.

Once the last remaining SWEEP ticket has been snapped up, the Ethereum Sweepstakes smart contract signals the ethereum blockchain to pick a winner entirely at random. Once a winner has been chosen, the smart contract instantly sends the jackpot amount to the currency wallet associated with the winning SWEEP token. Upon the jackpot being allocated, subsequent winners of decreasing amounts are determined and allocated in the same fashion.

Lottery Prizes

Ethereum Sweepstakes lottery prizes

Ethereum Sweepstakes jackpot

As mentioned above, Ethereum Sweepstakes claims to award the biggest jackpot, most opportune odds, and the greatest share of rewards and prizes.

Ethereum Sweepstakes has the following prizes up for grabs:

1. 1 Jackpot Winner = 37.5% of Sweep Tokens Sold. So, if 2 million Sweep tokens are sold, the Jackpot will be 750,000 ETHER at $535,601,250 USD

2. 10 Winners = .375% of Sweep Tokens Sold. So, if 2 million Sweep tokens are sold, the Jackpot will be 7,500 ETHER at $53,560,125 USD

3. 100 Winners = .0375% of Sweep Tokens Sold. So, if 2 million Sweep tokens are sold, the Jackpot will be 750 ETHER at $535,601 USD

4. 1000 Winners = 0.00375% of Sweep Tokens Sold. So, if 2 million Sweep tokens are sold, the Jackpot will be 75 ETHER at $53,560 USD

5. 10,000 Winners = 0.000375% of Sweep Tokens Sold. So, if 2 million Sweep tokens are sold, the Jackpot will be 7.5 ETHER at $5,356 USD

6. 100,000 Winners = .000000375% of Sweep Tokens Sold. So, if 2 million Sweep tokens are sold, the Jackpot will be .75 ETHER at $536 USD

Only 4,000,000 SWEEP tickets are available (1 entry = 1 Ether)

Once the draw has been completed, Ethereum Sweepstakes will determine a single winner of the overall Jackpot of 1,500,000 ETH or $1.2 billion US dollars equivalent. This prize total will then be sent to the winner’s account via instant transfer without any arbitration or involvement of any third parties.

Ethereum Sweepstakes

Features and Support

The Ethereum Sweepstakes site is mobile friendly, and is very easy to navigate from both browser and mobile versions, so you can familiarize yourself with this betting site from your laptop or Android or iOS tablet or mobile device from more or less wherever you happen to be. As far as can be seen, there is no Ethereum Sweepstakes app at present, and we aren’t sure whether there is any plan to introduce one in the future.

Should you find the process a little tricky at first, or have any specific issues that you would like assistance with, there are two means of getting in touch with the Ethereum Sweepstakes admin team. Firstly, you can do so by entering your query into the contact form (found under ‘contact’ on the menu bar). Secondly, you can make use of the live chat function, which can be accessed via the turquoise mail icon found on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Obviously, as a pioneer in blockchain based lottery sweepstakes, Ethereum Sweepstakes will have to expect that many new players will be unfamiliar, inexperienced, or plain insecure about how it all works. Hence, the potential to quickly resolve any complications as they emerge is very reassuring. In practice, we found communication with Ethereum Sweepstakes via these methods to be reasonable, but not perfect; our questions were addressed, but rather slowly. Attention to this and expansion on this aspect and the FAQ section would be a great way to move things forward in the next site update.

Ethereum Sweepstakes bitcoins

Privacy Policy

Ethereum Sweepstakes clarifies its privacy policy in adequate detail via the Privacy Policy page, which can be found in a link on the site footer. This section runs through the information that is collected from participants and how it is used, and furthermore, how this personal data is held and safeguarded. A Terms of Use page clearly stipulates the responsibilities of the site and also those of participants.

Ethereum Sweepstakes play now

How do I Sign up and Play?

Visit www.ethereumsweepstakes.io to get the ball rolling. Do first of all take the time to read the Terms and Conditions and participation rules, particularly if you are new to crypto currencies, or online casinos in general. Furthermore, absolutely make sure you are familiar with how to secure your finances and take the minimum necessary precautions to safeguard your private information and data, such as your passwords etc.

Once you have decided you want to get involved and purchase a SWEEP ticket, take the following steps:

  • Acquire a secure digital currency wallet to hold your ethereum currency (ether)
  • Buy ether from a reputable crypto currency exchange
  • Transfer your purchased ether into your secure digital currency wallet
  • Transfer your ether from your secure digital currency wallet to the Ethereum Sweepstakes receipt address


Security and Safety

The Ethereum Sweepstakes smart contract provides lottery participants and all interested parties with a complete view and total transparency into its workings. All prizes are final and are paid out automatically, with no possibility of delay or denial. The smart contract cannot be tampered with, revoked, modified or terminated once established, so participants can be sure that no foul play will influence the outcomes of the draw.

Players remain completely anonymous, as there is zero need to provide an email address or commit to any form of sign up or registration procedure. Participants simply deposit their ticket funds of 0.1 to 10 ether into the Ethereum Sweepstakes smart contract.

Ethereum Sweepstakes

Ethereum Sweepstakes gets top marks for its presentation, simplicity, and concept. The site itself functions seamlessly without any hitches or glitches, and makes the overall experience of participating in this lottery sweepstake, quick, easy, and reassuring. This simplicity is a huge bonus point here, as one of the main obstacles to wider adoption of crypto is how convoluted it is to get started with and to actually use. Based on this user friendly quality, we would highly recommend Ethereum Sweepstakes to all ethereum holders and enthusiastic new recruits to the crypto scene.

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