In the age of digitalization, there are so many novelties and marvels of scientific and technological advance that we don’t know where to look first. One of such marvels is the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry. In our time it has become very profitable not only to acquire but also to trade with digital currencies. This type of trade is gaining momentum. As a result, a huge number of platforms are opening, where trade is carried out both by crypto assets and by fiat money. Through such exchange platforms, customers can track a profitable rate and exchange digital currencies much faster than through the usual electronic exchangers, as in the case with fiat money. But do not forget that filling a profitable niche of the stock exchanges run into high competition, so each representative must comprehensively develop and introduce the latest solutions to attract new inexperienced players and retain existing ones. In this review, we want to draw attention to one of the brightest representatives of the industry – Exmo Exchange.


Launched in 2013, Exmo.com exchange is a UK-based digital currency exchange portal with millions of fintech pros, investors and common people over the globe. Though, it seems to be a small one, it is presupposed to be an extremely popular web-based portal for the purpose of acquiring and selling digital currencies and it claims to offer multiple choice of fruitful options meeting all the needs or wishes of users.

A crucial issue to be mentioned is all the currencies accessible to work with in here, they are thirteen: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DOGE, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Waves, Zcash, Monero, Tether.

As can be seen, Exmo.com exchange created an extensive portfolio of altcoins. After all, we should also mention fiat currencies which are available: US Dollar, Euro, Polish Zloty, Russian Ruble and even Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Registration and Verification

In order to create Exmo.com account, go to the upper right corner of the site and click the “Register” button.

On the page that opens, please carefully fill in all the fields: login, email, password (you need to create a strong password), tick that you agree with the terms of the user agreement, enter the captcha and click “Register”. After that, you will get an email with a confirmation link.

If newcomers decided not to complete the registration process, they are not limited in their actions with portal tools and assets.

The protocol of account creating is obliged in the following situations: query to withdraw the funds in USD or EUR to bank cards; in case of deposit or withdrawal of EPS funds – Payza, Neteller, Skrill; deposit or withdrawal of funds by bank transfer in SEPA or Wire systems. It is important to mention that naturally the documents fulfilled for verification query are submitted with a request.

More than just an exchange service

After filling the Exmo.com login and entering user’s personal account, everyone should pay attention to the main menu on top, in which there are three main sections: Bidding, Exchange, and Wallet.

Clicking on the Bidding section, we actually get to the stock exchange where customers can choose the currency pairs for trading. You’ll see the chart for this pair, and you are able to draw an order up to acquire or sell a certain digital coin (here the amount of purchase should be entered).

Entering the Exchange tab menu, the customers appear in the internal exchange point where a quiet rapid exchange is able to be made between real money and digital coins according to the system rate, where currencies are always accessible on the personal balance.

Here, you will observe a table with the current balance of their account including real money and cryptocurrencies staying in the exchange. Besides, opposite to each currency in the table, there are “Deposit” and “Withdraw” buttons. Clicking on them, customers are able to replenish the Exmo.com account or withdraw the required funds in a convenient way (via payment systems, digital coins wallet, bank cards).

The Exmo.com exchange is created in such a way that anyone from crypto investors to inexperienced users can use it, spending a minimum of time on the exploring the functions of the portal.


We already learned that Exmo.com exchange accepts an ocean of payment methods. But this makes various amounts of fees to take. It is known that while making deposit or withdrawal the stable fee is taken in the amount of 0.2%, and this quantity doesn’t vary on the chosen methods.

When it comes to withdrawing, the amounts are different. Let’s take a quick glance together.

Bitcoin takes 0.001 BTC fee, Litecoin – 0.01 LTC, Dogecoin – 1 DOGE, Dash – 0.01 DASH, Ethereum – 0.01, Waves – 0.001, Zcash – 0.01, Tether – 5 USDT, Monero – 0.05, Ripple – 0.02, KickCoin – 25, Ethereum Classic – 0.01, and Bitcoin Cash keeps its 0.001 BCH.

Referral program

When registering on the official website of the Exmo.com exchange, each user has a chance to get fruitful benefits represented by a profitable affiliate program and to try their luck to receive extensive additional income from partners invited.

The partners of the Exmo.com exchange can earn 25% of the commission received by the exchange from all transactions of partners invited by you.

The Bottom Line

Exmo.com exchange has become extremely popular among users from CIS since it supports a lot of languages. The exchange procedure is simple and really reliable. A multiple choice of currencies both fiat and digital is convenient and exciting. People are able to deposit and withdraw currencies using a wide range of available payment systems and they can do it directly to bank cards. Even inexperienced customers have a great chance to succeed if to examine the portal in details. It is already well-known that the country of official company registration in Great Britain. Legislation here strictly refers to any financial activity, especially when it comes to digital coins. That is all indicating the competent and accurate compilation of all documents for licensing in the current field.

If to speak about Exmo.com support, it provides services around the clock. So, customers have the possibility to contact support via live chat and get a response. The portal has an FAQ section as well, which hells to solve some problems.

The portal gives real-time market information, so everyone will constantly be in a stream of recent events.

So, if you are interested and already want to buy bitcoin, Exmo.com welcomes you. Join the portal and the service will gratefully present you a zillion of benefits.

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