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Genesis Cloud Mining – a Safe Harbor of Blockchain Ecosystem

Genesis Review

E-currencies have uplifted digital assets to a higher echelon, as well as opened a well-trodden path to the development of an entire industry. This particularly applies to the digital currency mining industry.

For the smooth performance of a cryptocurrency network a newbie- user craves beamy computational power, which means investing significant resources, time and endeavors. The most influential blockchains are supported by millions of computers over the globe.

As the mining industry is developing, buying and maintenance of the equipment for mining cryptocurrencies has become less convenient than renting it.

Furthermore, it is definitely convenient to rent equipment remotely: where it is properly maintained and the entire process is controlled.

Currently, renting is much more profitable than buying devices yourself, paying exorbitant electricity bills and providing continual comfortable operating conditions for mining devices.

Several enterprises came up with a similar feature, which became known as cloud mining. The Genesis Mining service was the pioneering explorer to set Bitcoin cloud mining out. Our Genesis Review will gladly guide you through the walls of an outstanding technology company with an unblemished reputation.

A brick-and-mortar office of the company and the spotlight of its team, which can be reached by phone hassle-free, proves the reliability and transparency of Genesis Mining.

Along with the popularity of the service, the company itself has grown. Step by step, the Genesis Cloud Mining service has expanded, acquiring more and more mining farms. In 2015, the company launched a mining center in Iceland. Now it is a huge enterprise with a highly-professional staff.

Due to the Icelandic cold climate and cheap alternative energy sources such as geothermal waters, this country meets the specificity of the process like no other. The location ensures high availability.

Genesis enhanced their business not for the commercial lucre, but for the sake of transferring its computing power to all crypto zealots for paid use.

Benefits of Using Genesis Cloud Mining

The following advantages of Genesis Cloud Mining can be distinguished:

  • a long and proven track record;
  • daily payments. Having a contract been concluded, you’ll begin to get income on the same day;
  • the possibility of mining altcoins and beneficial referral program;
  • convenient replenishment methods (it is possible to acquire a deposit with any credit card);
  • security of accounts – the Genesis Mining website uses two-factor authentication. This is an ironclad guarantee that no one except you will use the mined cryptocurrency;
  • the account panel is as clear and simple as rolling off a log. Those who have little understanding of cloud mining and are not well versed in such services will still be comfortable using the Genesis Mining shell;
  • highly-qualified and user-friendly help desk;
  • global coverage. The company supports 21 languages. That means it’s possible to start using Genesis Cloud Mining nearly from all parts of the world.

Registration and getting started

In order to sign up to Genesis Mining, press an orange Sign Up button in the upper right corner. Then the user needs to specify an email and create a password.

On the heels of this, a newbie-enthusiast can enter his personal account, where he can purchase one of the contracts. To make it possible, go through several steps:

  • click the “Buy HashPower” button.
  • use the slider to select the number of units that you want to purchase.
  • select a payment method and click “Continue.”
  • enter a promo code, if you have one.
  • agree to the terms of the contract and confirm the order.

The system will automatically redirect you to the payment page, straight after which the computing power will be added to the account to start mining. To start earning, you need to distribute the acquired power in cryptocurrencies.

Genesis Pools

As the years go by, Genesis Mining has masterminded own criteria for the good pools: the number of rejects, reliability, decent commission.

According to their domestic policy they use at least two different Genesis pools (or up to four in some cases) for each digital currency. These actions are necessary to keep the crypto ecosystem decentralized.

Deposit and Withdrawal

To withdraw funds from your personal account, make sure to add the necessary wallets to your personal account, in the settings section.

  • credit card – in this case, a commission is charged, and funds are credited after the card is verified;
  • through Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Zcash and other crypto wallets.

After payment is confirmed, the user will be redirected to the payment page. If the contract is paid with a credit card, you must specify the name of its owner and details.

This site practices automatic withdrawal of funds, so it is impossible to create an application ticket. Such an automated system has its perks. No more need to create a separate withdrawal request, then confirm various actions and make hundreds of extra clicks.

On the final note

Is Genesis safe? Genesis Cloud Mining is decent and reliable service as it boasts a long and proven track record, and still confidently heads above water. Fear not, so far. Never believe in Genesis scam nature until you’ll see the opposite on your own eyes. To make sure is Genesis legit or not read Genesis Cloud Mining review on and attend their official site. The Genesis team is open to public access, so they have shown all the equipment they have on their website. Due to frequent updates and improvements, the potential profit for customers exponentially increases. The game is worth the candle, so read the reviews first and start your exciting journey by the world of cloud mining with its best representatives!

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