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Graphic of BABB coin price. Dynamics of costs BAX online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price BAX. Maximal value of price BABB was 0.0001629$ - 2020-06-10 09:00:06, Minimal price of BAX was 0.0000397$ value and fixed at 2020-09-06 02:00:06. Today price of BABB is : 0.00004863$

Babb uses blockchain and digital identity technology to build a borderless global network where everyone can freely participate, use their social connection transactions, issue digital currencies, borrow money or raise funds for corporate financing.


This hastens the onboarding process, they usually imagine it will assist the unbanked masses who may lack documentation to apply themselves. Keep in thoughts that their target audience lives in growing nations, and these people could not have entry to normal bank accounts at all as a result of their location or financial components. This is another kind of service that wishes to help the underserved, but with an fascinating twist. Instead of the traditional system, users can be verified by folks they know who will vouch for them, and so long as you’ve a smartphone, you possibly can create a UK bank account.

The other area where Cryptocurrencies can shine is in providing speedy payments that are globally accessible. It’s nonetheless surprisingly annoying and costly to ship money throughout borders.

But if true useful results had been to happen, this will be at-least a yr n half to two years, for something that looks like a $1BAX. BABB is the decentralised bank for the microeconomy, providing people and companies with a UK checking account, powered by blockchain know-how. The account is managed through a smartphone app and provides access to a decentralised fee card.

Yet lets just come to terms with how this can unfold and the way lengthy it’s going to take. If you’re sitting and ready for a fast return, thats not going to happen unless we’ve a hype styled pump towards the token.

In addition, partnerships with central banks enable for the mixing and issuance of different digital currencies all over the world, additional stimulating local micro-economies and expanding the attain of the BABB answer and its underlying BAX token. I see BABB as a long term funding possibility (5-10 Years). I assume it’s potential for BABB to reach up to $0.25 by finish of this 12 months. However, for long run, they’ll run into issues on the community if millions of transactions are taking place daily. If they are often prepared and in a position to scale for this, I wouldn’t put it past them to be processing as a lot as PayPal did back in 2012 ($a hundred forty five billion).

It can take days for traditional financial institution transfers to happen when shifting from account to account, but thanks to the blockchain, it could happen in a matter of seconds. The worth for this asset may be very low, and it could be an excellent purchase as long as investors keep in mind the big provide. While every token will doubtless never be price Bitcoin stage quantities of money simply because of what number of of them there are, there’s plenty of room for wonderful worth appreciation right here if your goals are extra realistic.


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I see the exact same opportunity with this group and product called Babb. We do not need a John Mcafee sort of hype to tell this coin can do a 100x simply within 2 years from now. That’s only a marcetcap of three billion, which is very affordable for this project. So keep this publish in mind after we attain a $zero.15 in the near future. That would would make a 10k funding worth greater than 1 million USD.


So in the long run I think we may see a valuation of $3 per token. All companies, fees and licensing prices on the BABB Platform are paid with BAX, and our Mobile app makes it straightforward to acquire BAX at any time without taking additional steps or affecting the user experience. It can also be used for other purposes, similar to onboarding and offboarding funds to third get together exchanges, fundraisings and cross-forex conversion with improved liquidity. BABB is a brand new method utilizing new know-how to crowdsource monetary providers and utterly take away the need for banks as we all know them. Last 12 months around July 2017 I got the identical alternative wit Verge coin and stepped in at $zero.004.

  • Now we all hope that it will have the ability to occur as a result of low price of those devices.
  • Those that have the power to get entry may also then in turn want access to a cell phone with the power to run the app.
  • I am an investor in BAX, in saying that, we are all investing with the hope that BABB obtain the specified banking license.
  • This problem with having internet access might be a fantastic hurdle.
  • Now lets say that does happen (which I hope to god it does) the next biggest hurdle shall be getting advertising and awareness to folks in third world international locations, whom have or have not access to the internet.

There have been 7 information stories on BABB over the past 7 days. The most common news source masking BABB is BABB Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements. According to theofficial announcement, customers can convert fiat currency (£/€) into BAX, which is the BABB’s native token, after which be sent without having to go through interbank networks, in addition to not carrying FX conversion charges. The app will enable users to transform fiat foreign money into BABB’s native token throughout Europe, which may be despatched abroad. Reserve tokens (9 billion BAX) had been solely to be made out there for burning or for BABB use at a rate of zero.05% per day since ICO.

The card is decentralized and is linked on to customers’ account. Users can spend cryptocurrencies including BAX wherever on the earth. They wish to use blockchain technology to offer a checking account to anyone on the planet, with built-in entry to crowdsourced monetary companies.


This will enable them to instantly send money wherever on the planet, entry peer to peer currency exchanges, and utilize a decentralized payment card which is not tied to Visa or Mastercard. Central banking establishments within these focused locales will also have the ability to concern their own unique digital tokens in the event that they choose. This token permits central banks to issue their own native digital currencies that provides customers access to international money transfers and fee gateways. This token is acceptable to any enterprise or enterprise all around the world.


The BABB Network is fueled by the ERC20 compliant utility token BAX on the Ethereum blockchain. After going via their quick verification process, new account holders may have entry to the BABB software.

It is feasible to considerably cut the cost of banking and financial providers to offer game-altering service and produce two billion people into the global financial system. BABB (BAX) is at present the #484 cryptocurrency by market cap at $5M USD. Trading volume for BABB over the past 24 hours is $86.4k USD.

IF BABB get their banking license, and get their app made, and get a few hundred million customers, get listed on a number of giant exchanges and so forth then we’ll most likely see a $1bn+ market cap which means $zero.05+ per token. I think it’s potential for it to succeed in $0.10 – even $zero.01 represents a 11x ROI for those within the presale – not taking into account that a few of us managed to benefit from a very high ETH/USD price on the first day of the presale. So more likely to face initial resistance as some pre-salers sell shortly and then doubtlessly heavy resistance on the way up to $0.01. $0.10 looks like an attainable long run target – in the event that they meet calls for and persist with timetables – something past that would be dreamland.

I am an investor in BAX, in saying that, we’re all investing with the hope that BABB obtain the specified banking license. Now shall we say that does happen (which I hope to god it does) the subsequent largest hurdle will be getting advertising and awareness to people in 3rd world countries, whom have or have not access to the internet. This concern with having internet access will be a fantastic hurdle. Those that have the power to get access may also then in flip want access to a mobile phone with the ability to run the app. Now we all hope that this can be able to occur as a result of low value of these instruments.

I’m new to crypto currency and I’ve been doing my greatest to know it and make good investments. So whereas I can’t add any real info right here I can say that 5 days ago I spent $40USD buying BAX (BABB COIN) and my coinage now has a worth of $50.25 USD. BABB goals to be a bridge between banking services and blockchain technology and KYC protocol. BABB aims to make UK bankservices accessible to users and not using a UK Bankaccount.

It has a total supply of fifty billion, of which 60% was issued within the token sale that ended on February 21 and raised $20 million. The token is listed on several exchanges including Kucoin, IDEX, DDEX, Bancor Network and ForkDelta.