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Graphic of LGO coin price. Dynamics of costs LGO online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price LGO. Maximal value of price LGO was , Minimal price of LGO was . Today price of LGO is :

The Legolas trading platform is the first fairly fair insurance trading platform. Legolas trading is implanted with a patented centralized management platform for decentralized ledger books, which can prevent advance transactions, ensure transparency of orders, and cannot be artificially changed. Legolas’ unique hybrid model and strategic partners provide a fair and secure trading environment. Any kind of transaction can be executed within the chain, across chains, between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Therefore, unlike those completely decentralized exchanges, Legolas can cover the entire market and ensure 100% transparency and security. Legolas Features: Advanced multi-signature and secure terminal: Optional features based on multi-signature will be available to control “active” and “cold storage”. Legolas will work with multiple hardware wallets and hardware manufacturers to provide optional secure terminals / displays to validate orders. Segregated hosting of cryptocurrencies: Dedicated HSM storage will be provided to customers as an optional service. Authentication: Legolas does not allow simple “login plus password” access types, but instead requires customers to use 2FA protection or client certificates with FIDO U2F1 support. By default, weak 2FAs like OTP / Google ID / Authy / SMS will not be authorized or will only be temporarily authorized because these methods are vulnerable to phishing attacks.   Proactive storage and cold storage: Thanks to the partnership between Legolas and Ledger4, these two functions are guaranteed by different certified HSMs (hardware security modules). Legolas customers will obtain a 2/3 multi-signature wallet key with Legolas Exchange and a trusted third party at the same time. The key provided to the third party will be stored in a Ledger cold wallet, which itself is stored in a bank safe. If the customer loses his or her own key, the stored key will be retrieved from the bank, ensuring the complete security of the funds.