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Graphic of Namecoin coin price. Dynamics of costs NMC online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price NMC. Maximal value of price Namecoin was 1.182$ - 2020-09-01 22:00:08, Minimal price of NMC was 0.429$ value and fixed at 2020-06-15 06:00:26. Today price of Namecoin is : 0.8491$

Namecoin is referred to as nmc, and the Chinese name is Domain Name Coin. Namecoin is a distributed domain name system based on Bitcoin technology, which is secure and uncensored. The concept of namecoin is similar to Bitcoin. It is based on the Bitcoin code, but namecoin uses a new blockchain, which is independent of the Bitcoin blockchain. The cost of registering a namecoin domain consists of two parts: network fees and handling fees. These fees are paid through nameconin (referred to as nc for short). The initial registration costs 50 nc, and the network fee will be reduced by two every two months. This means that the network fee will gradually be less than 1 nc within one year. The cost of the Internet is to improve the early registration gate to ensure that there are still enough domain names in the later period, but over time, it will become insignificant after a few years. This network fee will not flow to anyone, because it will be destroyed during the transaction. The processing fee will be paid to the miners. At the initial stage of mining, how much the processing fee is paid is determined by you. It can be 0.01nc or even free, but the higher the payment, the faster your transaction processing speed will be increased accordingly. Like bitcoin, you need to obtain the namecoin through mining. In addition, you can only ask for others, for example, exchange bitcoin and namecoin with the other party. You need to upgrade your domain name about every three months, but the process is free. The upgrade method is to use the namecoin bound in your domain name account as an input to generate a transaction to upgrade. A special 0.01nc is assigned to the account. This special currency cannot be traded, thereby ensuring your account. Will not be cleared. Namecoin features: DNS service providers for .com / .cn, com, and cn are controlled by the United States and China, respectively, so the government can review the content of the website and even shut down. Namecoin corresponds to the .bit domain name. .Bit provides services similar to .com, except that the .bit domain name is permanently written into the blockchain. No one can control it, ensuring that the website can freely publish information. For example, in extreme cases, the US government can close google.com with global influence, but not google.bit. How Namecoin works: The DNS lookup table is shared through a peer-to-peer network. As long as someone on the network is running the Namecoin server software, the domain name can be accessed and no one can control it.

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We encourage you to make use of the instruments and data we provide to compare your options. finder.com.au has entry to track details from the product issuers listed on our websites. Although we provide information on the products provided by a variety of issuers, we don’t cowl each available services or products. When it was launched in April 2011, Namecoin made historical past as the world’s first-ever altcoin. If you’re utilizing Poloniex, you need to click on on the “Exchange” button for a price chart to appear.

Trading volume for Namecoin during the last 24 hours is $2.2k USD. There have been no information stories on Namecoin over the past 7 days. The most typical information source masking Namecoin is Namecoin Twitter and the most typical information class is Project Announcements.

Not only was Namecoin the first Bitcoin fork, however it was also the primary cryptocurrency to implement merged mining. With merged mining, you mine each Bitcoin and Namecoin concurrently.

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Namecoin was the first cryptocurrency to make use of Auxiliary Proof of Work (AuxPoW) for its consensus. By using AuxPow, Namecoin and Bitcoin could be mined simultaneously. Namecoin records data in pairs of names–knowledge where every key (name) is assigned a price.

Similar to Bitcoin, Namecoin transactions, balances and protection are additionally managed by a peer-to-peer network of nodes that use the SHA256 consensus algorithm. The solely difference right here is the mining mechanism as a result of Namecoin is a merged-mineable cryptocurrency. Some product issuers could present products or provide providers via multiple brands, related firms or different labelling arrangements. This can make it tough for consumers to compare alternate options or identify the companies behind the products. However, we purpose to supply information to allow shoppers to know these points.

The total market cap of the currency is under $forty million, putting it exterior of the highest 200 cryptocurrencies by total market cap. As a bitcoin fork, namecoin the cryptocurrency features a variety of similarities with the highest digital forex by market cap. It utilizes the identical proof-of-work algorithm that has long dominated bitcoin’s mining procedures. Governments and enormous firms control conventional area name companies (DNS) servers. This control is how the Chinese authorities, for instance, can block web sites that go against their beliefs.

Namecoin is a blockchain protocol that serves as a naming system. Namecoin intends to provide a decentralized, secure, and censorship-proof domain title registering providers which might be outdoors the control of governments and different centralized authorities. NameCoin (NMC) is a native coin on the NameCoin blockchain used to pay for registration and transaction charges. Name coin is an experimental know-how aims to enhance safety, privateness, velocity and censorship resistance of the sure elements of the internet similar to DNS and identities.

Namecoin has managed to last this lengthy with solely group help however now the cryptocurrency market is getting crowded with many initiatives which are backed by massive organisations. Other than this, Namecoin additionally faces some robust competitors from another cryptocurrencies that provide similar companies, two of them are Peercoin and Emercoin.

In this relationship, Namecoin benefits from Bitcoin’s dominant hash energy whereas nonetheless getting to operate by itself blockchain. If you presently generate 50 BTC per week, now you can get 50 BTC and some domain names too. If you solve it, it’s going to remedy a block from each Bitcoin and BitDNS. Its builders cite it as the primary fork of the world’s hottest cryptocurrency and name it “one of the innovative ‘altcoins'” to this present day.

NameCoin is predicated on Bitcoin know-how and is a key/worth pair registration and transfer system. The NameCoin securely data and transfers the arbitrary names and transact the NameCoins (NMC). NameCoin implements merged mining which allows the miner to mine a couple of blockchain on the same time. NameCoin also solves the issue of producing a naming system that’s concurrently decentralized, secure and human-comprehensible. Namecoin (NMC) is an open-source cryptocurrency based mostly on the bitcoin (BTC) code.


When buying Namecoin, users should use CoinSwitch, the most important cryptocurrency trading platform. It is home to more than 350 cryptocurrencies and might make over trading pairs. Users can evaluate NMC charges and commerce throughout all obtainable exchanges in real-time. In addition, It also allows users to store their cryptocurrencies before and after making the commerce.

Namecoin Statistics

In Namecoin blockchain, each name or key follows a namespace hooked up to it. For example, d/example represents a name “example” stored in DNS namespace for domain name instance.bit. Names are required to be up to date or renewed often every 35,999 blocks, to save lots of them from expiring.

Namecoin has been around within the cryptocurrency market much longer than most cryptocurrencies right now; nevertheless, regardless of this, it has not gotten a lot consideration until recently. In 2014, it was among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, which is now changed due to the introduction of hundreds of recent cryptocurrencies. Namecoin was on the $1.1 value mark on April 29, 2013 based on the restricted data avaialable on it. In November 2013, Namecoin value rose to its all-time highest of $thirteen.1 throughout the body of accessible data. The cryptocurrency remained secure from 2015 to early 2017, when it once more started exhibiting plenty of worth fluctuations.

NMC Namecoin coin

NameCoins (NMC) is used to register the names for the charge of zero.01 NMC. The complete provide of NameCoins is similar as of Bitcoin i.e 21 million. There are two names spaces available to register i.e. The names need to be renewed after each 35,999 blocks. There isn’t any charge for renewal but transaction charge apply.

  • NameCoin (NMC) is a native coin on the NameCoin blockchain used to pay for registration and transaction fees.
  • Namecoin is a blockchain protocol that serves as a naming system.
  • Namecoin intends to offer a decentralized, safe, and censorship-proof area title registering services that are outdoors the management of governments and different centralized authorities.

However, the very last part of a site, for instance the “.com”, is controlled by central events and due to this fact at risk of censorship. There are only a few other notable blockchain initiatives making a decentralized DNS. Ethereum has the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) that provides virtually the same operate as Namecoin except using Ethereum sensible contracts.

To stop this stage of censorship, Namecoin makes use of blockchain expertise to distribute its DNS amongst the customers on the network. The exchange rate for the Bitcoin was final up to date on May 25, 2020 from coinmarketcap.com. The change rate for the Namecoin was final updated on May 25, 2020 from coinmarketcap.com.

NMC Namecoin coin

To the best of the chart you will notice the “Markets” tab. Below it, you’ve the choice to pick out the foreign money that you simply wish to commerce. Click “BTC” and then scroll down the listing till you find NMC. You also can seek for your required currency pairing in the field offered. Namecoin was the primary fork of Bitcoin, the primary coin to implement merged mining, and one of the oldest blockchain initiatives round.

Launched in 2011, its aim is not to decentralise the financial system, however to decentralise the Internet domain name system (DNS). Namecoin additionally aims to enhance web site security, to make web sites immune to censorship and to enhance the speed of the Internet infrastructure. The Namecoin venture relies on Bitcoin’s blockchain tech and makes use of the same PoW consensus protocol, that means the 2 may be merge-mined. The know-how that the Namecoin team develops puts in focus decentralization, privateness, security, velocity and resistance to censorship of the prevailing Internet buildings.

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Current domain names corresponding to .com or .web are controlled by central authorities and are susceptible to blockades, censorship and privateness breaches. With Namecoins’ .bit area, this isn’t attainable as a result of the “web’s phonebook” i.e. DNS (Domain Name Server) is on client computer systems instead of on some centralized server.

Although Bitcoin is probably the most chosen pairing possibility, Namecoin can be exchanged with USDT, USD, DOGE, ZAR, and GBP. Namecoin is predicated on Bitcoin but with some modifications in the code.

As of August 2018, Namecoin worth is hovering near $1.2 mark. As of August 2018, Namecoin has a market of over $18.5 million, which makes it the 267th largest cryptocurrency based mostly on market capitalization within the global cryptocurrency market. More than 14.7 million NMC coins are circulating available in the market. Namecoin could be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bleutrade, Livecoin, Poloniex, WEX, YoBit, Cryptopia, etc.

Namecoin community also allows for registration of human-readable names – NameID, with all benefits of the decentralized backend and its safety options. However, the NameID tech is presently labeled by the group as experimental. DNS, the area naming system, is the mechanism by which domain identities are linked with numerical IP addresses around the globe. In this sense, namecoin is a cryptocurrency primarily based on the bitcoin protocol that also aims to boost internet-associated security and privacy.

The primary use of Namecoin is to buy and renew .bit domains. This DNS is decentralised, proof against censorship and cannot be shut down. This is a priceless option for websites which run activities that their governments might want to restrict.

Namecoin retains many ardent supporters who consider that a decentralized DNS system might be crucial to long-term internet privateness and censorship discount. As of March 2018, namecoin stays out of the highlight in relation to digital currencies ranked by market cap. The price of 1 NMC token reached as high as roughly $12, but remains under $3 as of that time.

NMC Namecoin coin

The BTC conversion factor has 12 significant digits. The NMC conversion issue has 12 vital digits.

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The first fork of bitcoin, Namecoin was created with the goal of making a decentralised DNS system that’s immune to censorship. The DNS is basically a telephone book for the Internet, which turns the URL you enter into your browser into an IP tackle that may be read by your laptop.

Since Namecoin is a fork of Bitcoin, it is also a cryptocurrency that can be used for peer-to-peer transactions. Namecoin as a cryptocurrency is identified by its ticker “NMC”.

Namecoin or NMC is the first altcoin (various cryptocurrency to BTC) that was launched after Bitcoin with a max. It was first unveiled on the Bitcointalk discussion board on April . First, namecoin is able to store information within the blockchain transaction database. It is linked with the top-level area .bit, a domain that’s impartial of ICANN, the first regulatory physique which governs most domain names.

NMC Namecoin coin

The platform helps NMC mining that may be merged-mined with Bitcoin. Namecoin is a site identify registry service, and was one of the first cash fork off of Bitcoin. Similar to registering a .com or .io area, with Namecoin you possibly can register a .bit area on their community. However aside from simply registering domains, the Namecoin community’s distinctive worth proposition is that its decentralized design renders it impervious to consumer monitoring and censorship resistant. Namecoin (NMC) is currently the #427 cryptocurrency by market cap at $6.4M USD.