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How Bitcoin Reignited Interest in Lotteries

Bitcoin has entered the online gambling industry like a storm, and soon every conceivable game could be played using this cryptocurrency, as well as other altcoins. Bitcoin lotteries were not an exception, as almost any decent online casino has one or more games of this type. Considering the popularity of raffles with traditional money at stake, the virtual alternatives were guaranteed to spread like wildfire among the betting enthusiasts. The main questions are, as usual, where to find the best Bitcoin lotteries, which sites are the most reliable and guarantee a payout, and what can be done to increase one’s chances.

Key Reasons for Popularity of Bitcoin Lotto

There is no secret as to why lotteries attract so many people – they are easy to play, and they offer the largest sums of money to win. Another decisive feature is that everything is left to chance. While some gamblers prefer to rely on their skills and experience, develop strategies, and have some regular profits, others completely leave it to chance and hope to hit the jackpot one day.

Some gamblers even view the potential prize as a reward for their life deeds, so there’s no other way of increasing their chance of winning other than hope and acting right in various situations. We’re not to say this approach is wrong. In fact, there are no tips or exclusive insights on how to win in Bitcoin lotteries. If you are familiar with the rules, that should not come as a surprise to you.

Lotto is quick and easy to play. A player has to pick any six numbers out of the total of 49 and submit them in a ticket. Those who want to blame no one but Dame Fortune (and machine algorithms) can select an option of the computer automatically assigning the numbers for them. After that, six numbers are drawn, and the prize money range based on how many of them coincide with the numbers chosen by a player. At most sites, it starts from as little as two, but it may vary, as well as the total amount of numbers.

Advantages of Bitcoin Lotto

As with all the reputable casinos out there, Bitcoin lotteries provide transparency, security, and fast payouts. Many people are concerned about crypto lotto because it’s all computer graphics or drawn images instead of the real balls they are used to seeing in traditional lottery games. Therefore, virtual raffles often seem fake or fixed to them, especially if a player happens to have an out-of-luck streak and blames the casino for it.

That’s why both the casino owners and gamblers sighed with relief upon the appearance of provably fair gaming which means everyone is able to verify the draw’s outcome. So, it’s best to look for gambling sites that support this principle, as well as have certificates of examinations by independent gambling auditing agencies.

Unless you come across one of those Bitcoin lotteries that exclusively deal in this cryptocurrency, you should be able to buy a ticket with fiat money and withdraw your winnings in the currency of your choice. Thus, it’s not even necessary to have Bitcoins to get into the game and win some, and this is what drives many players towards these games.

Finally, the frequency of lotto games at online casinos is very high. Some may argue that it’s much less exciting when the results become known a few minutes after submitting the numbers, but that will hardly be an issue for most participants. Besides, there are so many options even with the best-rated casinos, that everyone should be able to select something to satisfy their preferences.

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