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Introduction to Bitcoin Lotteries

Some people prefer classic table games like poker or blackjack, others enjoy colorful and dynamic slots, and sports fans get to place wagers on their favourite sports. And then there are lottery lovers. We are not saying that those are the only groups of people inhabiting the gambling world, as there are many more options online casinos offer to their clients. Nevertheless, it makes sense to circle out those who play the lottery as this activity has some striking differences from all of those mentioned above.

Gambling always requires luck to win, and some other skills that can improve your chances. However, while you might develop some strategies for better chances at a sportsbook, none of that applies to the lottery. Luck is the only thing that decides who will win. Sure, there are other games that are completely unpredictable, yet even at slots, you have to do more than in lottery. While some variations of this game require guessing several numbers constituting a percentage of their total, the basic lottery only requires a participant to buy a ticket and wait for the announcement of the lucky winner.

So, this game is not only completely luck-based but very effort-free. And that is, of course, what makes it so popular, not mentioning a chance to win a fortune. And lately, Bitcoin lotteries have been responsible for an even more significant rise in popularity.

What Makes Bitcoin Lottery So Good

Congratulations on reaching the part where we talk about Bitcoin lotteries and what makes them different from traditional raffles. First of all, obviously, the game takes place on the Internet, so participants don’t get an actual ticket, only its online representation. We think most people would consider that a definite advantage, especially upon remembering multiple stories of how lottery winners almost threw their tickets away or had trouble finding them.

Because these lotteries take place online instead of in the real world with the actual numbered balls or other objects, many consider that it’s easier to fake the results that way. And this argument would be valid before an introduction of cryptocurrency to online gambling. Now, however, the raffles are as transparent as ever. Due to the use of cryptographic algorithms, no one can influence the results, and Bitcoin lotteries are provably fair. That means that anyone can check fairness for themselves. Usually, the instructions on how to do it are provided on the site.

Where to Find a Reliable UK Lottery

There isn’t much to tell about online lotteries. You just need to have a Bitcoin wallet so that you can purchase a lottery ticket. There may be variations of the game that require some additional actions, but usually, the rules are pretty clear and easy to grasp. The next question is which Bitcoin lotteries to choose from the variety you find on the Internet.

That is, however, easier than it may sound, as we have provided the list of the popular gambling sites with ratings and detailed reviews. All you have to do now is choose the ones that are accessible to the UK citizens, as not all online casinos function in all countries. Luckily, you can enjoy the services of such gambling giants as Fortune Jack, Cloudbet, mBit Casino, Betcoin, Crypto Games, 1xBit, and certain others. For example, while Betchain accepts players from the UK, some games can be unavailable to them. Therefore, you’ll have to check them individually, considering the wide variety of lottery games presented on some of these betting platforms.

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