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The Irish Lottery Review


Long before Bitcoin Lotteries and online casinos, people used to play by buying scratch cards and lottery tickets. Many of the companies from that time have successfully transferred online. The Irish Lottery is one of such examples, as its scratch cards date back to 1987. The Irish Lottery draws still take place every Wednesday and Saturday, and the guaranteed jackpot is still impressive with its 2 million euros. Cconsecutive rollovers can make it much larger than that, the highest jackpot so far exceeding it 9 times.

The Irish Lottery site’s design can hardly impress anyone nowadays, and it doesn’t live up to the standards set by the top Bitcoin Lotteries. Some reviewers even criticize its color scheme with green color for clover leaves and orange color for gold. However boring and lame that choice may seem to many visitors, we wouldn’t call it annoying. It’s the games we’re here for, which are plenty and easily located.

Lottery Games

It only makes sense to begin with the main game, offering the prizes few Bitcoin Lotteries out there can match. It’s the same old lotto with familiar rules. There are 45 numbered balls, and a player has to pick six of them in an attempt to guess the winning numbers. Matching all six numbers means winning the jackpot. This doesn’t happen every draw, but there are always winners, as guessing fewer numbers is also generously rewarded. Besides, a bonus ball is drawn, and if you guess that one as well, the prize increases significantly.

That’s not the only lottery game on the site, as there are Daily Million with fixed prizes and EuroMillions with astronomical jackpots. The gaming principles are the same, only EuroMillions has five numbers to be guessed and two bonus numbers, resulting in thirteen prize tiers.

There are also supplementary games for each of these lotteries, allowing players to participate in Plus draws for additional payment.

The Irish Lottery Casino Games

The casino games are available in a separate section of the site, which is called Casino Ireland. The presented options can hardly surprise any seasoned visitor of online gambling sites and Bitcoin Lotteries. They are mostly slots and classic table games with live dealers. Most of the games can also be found in the Mobile Games menu, meaning that they can be properly played on a mobile device.

Casino Ireland offers quite a nice list of promotions to convince gamblers to play their games. It’s nothing you will not find on other casino sites, yet a good bonus should you try playing here. There are a welcome 100% bonus, cashback, weekly surprise bonuses, individual offers, and even more match bonuses. However, they all have quite demanding wagering requirements, so that’s something to consider.

The Irish Lottery Bottom Line

The Irish Lottery is, perhaps, trying to be more than it is by offering additional games like slots, live casino games, etc. If we were to judge the site only by this section, it would not score high. Nevertheless, its lottery games are some of the best deals one can find, and the prizes are truly life-changing.

Sadly, despite the opportunity to buy tickets and play online, it does not seem like the Irish Lottery will join the list of Bitcoin Lotteries any time soon. On the other hand, winning a few million euros will probably allow you to invest in cryptocurrency all you like. Besides, the Irish Lottery donates a share of its profits to good causes, so at least you won’t feel like paying for a dead. Or you might, but the money will still be well-spent.

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