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Top Canadian Crypto Exchange Platforms to Follow in 2020

When it comes to Canadian blockchain companies, the country made its way to becoming one of the five major representatives of the field. Even though the implementation of the blockchain technology did not take place immediately, the industry experts are deeply convinced that the country possesses not only valuable resources but also has the potential to become the largest eCurrency hub.

Since the country has affordable electricity, lightning-fast internet connection, and mild industry regulations, it creates perfect conditions for the crypto industry to evolve and thrive locally. Given that mining is a power-consuming process, local blockchain companies can enjoy not only favorable conditions but also crypto inclusivity. Canada willingly accepts the use of cryptocurrency in healthcare, educational, legal, and other sectors.

According to the Deloitte survey, more than 50% of the Canada-based companies are eager to invest in blockchain technology. As a result, Canada provides endless opportunities for blockchain companies to develop their business or invest in crypto exchange Canada. In contrast, only 24% of US companies are actively investing in this technology.

1. VirgoCX

The first in the long list of the best Canadian crypto exchange platforms is VirgoCX. The exchange is known for its rapid growth and first-class trading solutions. Apart from its security and reliability, the exchange has established long-term relationships with numerous investors and retail businesses. It allows trading any cryptocurrency.

As mentioned before, the exchange offers numerous trading solutions, seeking to transform the trading industry.

  • Safety. The platform has complex protection and security systems warranting the safety of trading and personal data on all levels. Besides, it utilizes cold storage that eliminates possible cyber attacks.
  • Cost-efficient solutions. When it comes to trading costs such as deposits, commissions, or fees, the exchange offers the most competitive conditions on the local trading market.
  • Liquid assets. Apart from cost-efficiency, the platform also offers high fluidity of assets. Therefore, it manages to meet the expectations of the most demanding traders.
  • Clarity. Apart from having a user-centric intuitive interface, the platform also offers an app to cater to both beginners and seasoned experts.
  • Trustworthiness. The reliability of the exchange has been proven on multiple occasions. Moreover, its customer support is available around-the-clock along with the possibility to make a deposit or withdraw any sum of fiat money.
    On top of that, the exchange has a local OTC trading desk providing premium services to the clients trading over the 30,000 CAD threshold. Besides, the platform offers remarkably cost-effective rates for FX spot conversions.

2. TokenFunder

Another remarkable local exchange is TokenFunder. As one of the well-known blockchain companies Canada, the company is focused on creating a digital asset marketplace with two main business objectives: 1) attract capital by offering and providing security tokens to the investors, and 2) allow trading security tokens with the help of the blockchain-based exchange.

The company provides a unique experience for both traders and investors. Moreover, it allows for creating a noncustodial wallet that requires no prior trading experience. The exchange also has a platform called STAMP, that is focused on ensuring investor rights through the following services:

  • Utilizing the regulatory framework and smart contracts
  • Financial supervision and management
  • Complying with regulatory requirements

In fact, the exchange was the first Canada-based company to receive an approval on issuing security tokens and utilizing affiliate TokenGX. In a nutshell, TokenGX is a secondary trading platform issuing security tokens to other businesses. Moreover, it exploits a combination of the most recent blockchain and web technologies to provide a smooth user experience for investors via the decentralized model of the platform. The exchange experts strongly believe that this model is going to be the cornerstone of the future capital markets.

3. Ledn

The Ledn company was designed to fill the gap and address the shortcomings of the financial sector in the digital asset industry. In other words, it was created to assist people with saving up in Bitcoin. The company has three main products. The first one is called Borrow, and it allows clients to borrow against their assets without having to sell their Bitcoins. The second product is Save, and it basically pays interest on Bitcoin in the same currency. The third product is called B2X, and it enables clients to double their Bitcoin assets by binding together the purchase of the currency with a loan. Besides, it is the only local company that provides proof of reserved loans lower than $500. This indicates that each loan made via Ledn has a unique Bitcoin address code. Therefore, all the clients can check and verify the location of their assets.

4. 3iQ Corp

3iQ Corp is known for abiding by the rules of the local security regulatory institutions. In fact, the company is focused on investment fund management and officially manages a multi-cryptocurrency asset investment fund. The company is determined to provide innovative services, offer revolutionary investments on an institutional level. Moreover, the company is also actively engaged in educations. Company experts educate people on the subject of disruptive technologies and cryptocurrency Canada.

It is important to note that investments offered by 3iQ are preferred by local institutions and investors. Since the company partners with Ark Investment LLC, it plans to introduce an innovative product package targeting both the digital asset industry and groundbreaking technologies. Strong beliefs of the company are based on a systematic approach to the selection of investment opportunities.

5. Convergence.Tech

Convergence.Tech is an excellent example an of innovation-focused company. The company assists businesses in gaining industry-specific expertise with the help of introducing and utilizing cutting-edge technology. In a nutshell, it encourages companies to digitally transform and, as a result, become industry leaders.

The company operates globally with multiple ongoing contracts worldwide. Besides, it cooperates with government institutions, numerous corporations, and humanitarian organizations. For instance, the company recently finalized a blockchain traceability project created with the help of the UN.

The company has considerable experience in consultancy and, therefore, effortlessly creates and utilizes technology solutions globally. Most of their solutions are backed by blockchain technology and are geared towards enhancing environmental conditions along with sustainability initiatives. The focus, however, remains on traceability and digital identity system.


The process of blockchain implementation and blockchain revolution present tremendous potential and opportunities for the Canadian government and local companies to transform their operational principles. The practical application of blockchain technology extends above and beyond its basic use. Canadian companies mentioned in this article are striking examples of blockchain technology capabilities that are aimed at transforming the digital space globally.

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