TrueFlip Casino Review

TrueFlip Casino Review
Flipcoins for exchanging BTC

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Dogecoin

4Games: Flip’s Star, Rapid to the Moon, Chain's Code, Pirate Bay
Features: jackpot, token sale, Flipcoins, referral program, multiple-languages, 2FA, lottery, exclusive prizes
Withdrawal & Fees: about 5% commission on the total pool prize, no fees on withdrawals

TrueFlip Online Bitcoin Casino Review

Novelty online casinos are ten a penny these days, so how about a actual first for a change? Well, with it’s almost retro – Disney like stylings, the True Flip casino purports to be the very first blockchain based online crypto casino. Quite a claim, and certainly one that’s grabbed our attention. So, what does this specialization entail, and more to the point, what benefits does it have for you, the player? Follow us to the bottom of the page, and along the way, we hope you’ll find out!

About TrueFlip

Launched in 2017, True Flip is a pioneering blockchain lottery site. This online bitcoin lottery / casino site is held by Blockchain Games N.V., who are incorporated under the laws of Curacao. Blockchain Games N.V. is currently in the process of applying for a gambling license.

The mission of True Flip’s designers was to be the first company to establish an entirely open source, decentralized and verifiably fair lottery and gaming site using the technology of the blockchain to facilitate this ideal. Sounds great in theory, let’s see how it plays out in practice. We’ll make a start to this review by checking out the selection of games on offer at True Flip.


Yes, True Flip is new on the scene, and not only that, it has been created entirely in house in order to maintain its primary goal of transparency and complete independence. So, partly due to that ambition we only have a limited number of games to try out at the moment, just four, to be exact. online casino trueflip Review & Rating

Quality over quantity, as they say… online bitcon gambling

Flip’s Star

First up is Flip’s Star, a pretty straightforward lottery game based on the common Powerball. Participants purchase a ticket and select six numbers; five from 1 to 49, then one from 1 to 26. The winner takes all. Draws take place daily at 8 pm.

trueflip bitcoin casino online btc gambling

Rapid to the Moon

Next is Rapid to the Moon. This draw takes place every 10 to 30 minutes. Here, players choose a total of nine numbers. Eight from 1 to 20, and one from 1 to 20 (an additional number can be chosen from this second set to increase the jackpot and the likelihood of a win).

Players can purchase as many tickets as they wish, and winners are determined by a bitcoin blockchain based algorithm.

trueflip bitcoin casino online btc gambling games

Chain’s Code

Chain’s Code is a traditional style slot game that runs on the ethereum blockchain. The blockchain determines a random number each time you make a play. Prizes are given for certain numerical combinations such as all the sevens, pairs, a pair and three, a pair and four etc. Prize multipliers can be applied at higher ticket prices.

trueflip bitcoin casino online btc bitcoin lottery

Pirate Bay

Last of all is Pirate Bay, this is an incredibly simple game that requires you to set a betting amount and then attempt to make your way up five ‘levels’ by picking the lucky icon from the three to choose from (Gold coin = move up / Jolly Roger = lose / Anchor = end game without losing your stake). Reach the top to win the jackpot.

It’s great to see blockchain technology being implemented in this fashion, and, while very basic, the games all run well and are nicely presented with an attractive theme and characterful art direction.


New players can sign up to True Flip through a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, or by providing a password and email address. Next it is necessary to complete a registration form, and furthermore, current photographic ID and proof of address must be supplied and verified in order to conform with KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

In terms of games and prizes, True Flip doesn’t offer anything particularly ground breaking. The true appeal of this lottery site lies in its application of blockchain technology and the wealth of associated benefits this has. A blockchain based crypto casino has an number of advantages over classic gambling / lottery / casino sites, even traditional exclusively crypto casinos.

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The main USP of True Flip is that all the workings of the casino are completely transparent and logged on the blockchain for all to see and verify. This is a real biggie, as one of the major issues of online gambling is the problems caused by underhanded algorithms and structural foul play. Further to this, withdrawal times are limited only by the time it takes for the transaction to be processed by the blockchain, and, as already mentioned, are forever recorded for all to see.

True Flip will really appeal to those who support the crypto / blockchain ideology of independence and decentralization and want to support it’s expansion into new dimensions. It’s a noble ambition, and everything has to start somewhere, so why not?

The site can be accessed via your laptop or Android or iOS device, so to get started you just need some cryptocurrency and browser access.

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TrueFlip Bonus Offers & Promotions

Very little to report on this front. One can assume that the novelty inherent in True Flip’s use of the blockchain and associated ambition is h2 enough to attract interest and new players. It’s likely that as the site grows and evolves, bonuses, VIP schemes, promotions and player incentives will be added, however.

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Privacy, Policy, and Scam Prevention

Details on True Flip’s Privacy Policy can be found under the link of the same name on the site’s footer. Terms of Use are also similarly covered, and this section also provides information on True Flip’s anti fraud policy and responsible gaming obligations etc.

There is no outright security confirmation to be found on the site, possibly this is taken to be a given due to the betting site being blockchain based. That being said, notice is, however, given that as with all new and evolving software, bugs and exploits may exist, therefore the user must be prepared for the eventuality of negative outcomes due to this.

If the site’s ‘help center’ doesn’t answer your any queries or questions you may have, the True Flip admin can be contacted during normal working hours via the site’s social media accounts, or through the two contact emails supplied.

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FDeposits and Withdrawals

Deposits can be made on True Flip using bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and several supported altcoins (exactly which coins are included isn’t made clear on the site). The minimum deposit amount is $50 equivalent.

Withdrawals are subject to successful verification of all user identity documents, and must be a minimum of $50 equivalent. A 2% fee applies to all withdrawals.

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The Bottom Line

In 2018, online bitcoin casinos and lottery sites are expanding rapidly, arguably quicker than any other online industry. Innovators such as True Flip will, if the time is right, set this trend heading upwards at an ever accelerating rate. The benefits of being built upon the workings of the bitcoin blockchain really make this crypto casino stand out from regular online casinos. Totally independent, verifiable transactions and algorithms, and wholeheartedly embracing crypto tech, there is a lot going for this little betting site. So, to sum up, if you’re already committed to crypto, and you aren’t that fussy about gameplay and innovation in that area, oh yes, and with a jackpot that currently stands at a not inconsiderable 400.013 bitcoin, True Flip is well worth the investment of your time, and coin.

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