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What Makes the National Lottery So Popular

Many UK residents may not have heard about some of the top Bitcoin lotteries, but they are more than likely to have a recollection of the National Lottery or even might have played it on several occasions. Others will be delighted to know, that despite its name, one of its regular games is meant for international participants. The games’ popularity is easily explained by the fact that they are easy to play and promise some hefty money prizes. Besides, this lottery is state-franchised, which instills trust in players.

Another attractive factor that makes people play more actively here than even at some of the most revered Bitcoin lotteries is that the second largest share of the profits from selling the National Lottery tickets goes to charities and financing various life-changing projects. Half of the profits constitute the prize fund, and the remaining money serves to pay the retailer’s commission, the government’s duty, and to Camelot, the company that launched and is operating the lottery.

The National Lottery Games Overview

The main game is Lotto. There are 59 balls, out of which a player has to pick six as a prediction of the winning numbers. The draw takes place twice a week, the Saturday draws usually having considerably larger jackpots than the Wednesday ones. The prizes start at 30 pounds for guessing three numbers and go up to millions of pounds for all six numbers. Five numbers from the main draw and a bonus ball are worth 1 million pounds, and two numbers score the minimum prize, which is a ticket with random numbers already in it.

EuroMillions is very similar to Lotto, with the main difference of it being an international game. The ticket also requires a player to pick only five numbers 1 through 50, but there are two Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12. This leads to a longer list of winning combinations and a smaller gap between prizes.

Lotto Hotpicks and EuroMillions Hotpicks are variations of the previous games, intended to make for quicker draws and smaller but still impressive prizes.

Thunderball is also nothing new, but like many Bitcoin lotteries, it’s easy to learn and exciting to play. A player has to pick 5 out of 39 numbers, and the Thunderball number out of 14. The combinations list offers many options, in which the Thunderball number can serve as a bonus, increasing the winnings considerably, or play alone, bringing the ticket owner three pounds.

And then there is a Games Store with instant-win gambling options, listing over 50 various games. They include slots, scratch cards, scrabble, bingo, lotto, monopoly, and some games that can hardly be found at other Bitcoin lotteries sites out there. The price ranges depending on the maximum prize and odds, but luckily, all of the games can be tested in free and play-for-fun modes.

The Best Approach to the National Lottery

While there is no difference in terms of the odds and outcome between playing the National Lottery games old-school way or online, the latter may be considered more convenient. First of all, it can be accessed via an app on iOS and Android devices. It’s also much safer, and you know you will not lose or wash your jackpot-winning ticket with clothes.

And overall, the site is pleasantly designed and can help discover other games, as well as follow the latest news and read about the projects funded thanks to the National Lottery. Unfortunately, you cannot use cryptocurrency to buy tickets, but hopefully, one day this site will join the list of Bitcoin lotteries and attract even more players.

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